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U Visa Petitions Dropped By 20 Percent in 2019—Activists Believe the Trump Administration is Largely to Blame

Also sometimes referred to as a ‘crime victim visa’, a U visa provides much needed immigration relief to certain crime victims who cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors. The U visa helps to make our communities safer, as it creates a process that allows undocumented immigrants to work with law enforcement without fear of being... READ MORE

DACA Alternatives: immigration options after DACA ends

Trying to follow the news about DACA can give you whiplash. First, Donald Trump decided to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), leaving some 800,000 young people without access to employment authorization and protection from deportation. Now it appears that Democrats and Trump may have reached a DACA Deal, which would make DACA the... READ MORE

Avoiding Deportation in Los Angeles, CA

In Immigration Court? The Experienced Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys at the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers Can Help! Every day many immigrants across Los Angeles and throughout the United States worry about deportation. Being deported would mean being separated from your family members and friends, leaving the country you’ve come to think of as your home, being... READ MORE