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My Visa Was Denied After Being Delayed in Administrative Processing—What Should I Do Now?

The visa application process can be slow. Many applicants run into frustrating and prolonged delays. Administrative processing has sometimes been referred to as a “black hole” for visa applicants. Essentially, the term “administrative processing” is government-speak for a temporary refusal pending a further investigation of the application. In this context, a refusal is not the …


How Long Does Administrative Processing Take?

Administrative processing or administrative clearance is a period of additional review and screening during which officials will make sure that a visa application meets all of the proper criteria. You likely want to know: How much longer is administrative processing going to take? The unsatisfying answer is “it depends”—in some cases it takes 30 or …


4 Reasons Not To File A Lawsuit for Administrative Processing

4 Reasons NOT To File Mandamus For Administrative Processing! Jump To: Visitor Visa, When Its Too Soon, When There Is A Serious Problem, Can You Wait It Out?, When To Consider A Lawsuit You went to your visa interview at a US consulate, but instead of getting your visa, you were told that your visa …