Is a Producer Visa Required for Foreign Producers?

A visa is required to work in the U.S. or to stay in the country for an extended period of time. Because producers earn money for their work and because entertainment projects can take time, you will need to obtain a producer visa in order to legally come to work as a producer. If you fail to obtain a visa, you may be subject to immigration consequences, including removal or deportation proceedings.

There are many different visas for people wanting to come to the United States and you will need a visa that allows you to work. However, there are different work visas for individuals who perform different types of jobs and you want to make sure you have the one that specifically allows you to work in your capacity as a producer.

Which Producer Visa is Right for You?

The O-1 visa is a visa that applies to individuals with extraordinary abilities in the arts, sciences, athletics, and similar fields. Specifically, the O-1B visa is reserved for people who have attained international acclaim or who have demonstrated extraordinary achievement in the movie or television industries. This is the visa for which you would need to apply and obtain before you could begin your work as a producer. In addition, your spouse and children can apply for and obtain O-3 visas to accompany you while you work in Los Angeles.

The application process for an O-1A and O-3 visas can be complicated, however, and you must meet certain criteria before the USCIS will grant your visa. You do not want to risk making an error that would delay the project or would even lead the team to go with another producer if you were unable to get the right producer visa in a timely manner. You should always seek assistance from an attorney who understands the application process.

Our team of immigration lawyers also helps actors, musicians, models and athletes obtain O-1 visas to work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and across the United States.

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Talk About Immigrant Visas for Producers in Los Angeles with an Attorney

If you are an artistic producer and believe that you may be eligible for an O-1 visa or if you are a company wanting to hire a foreign producer, don’t hesitate to call the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers to discuss the requirements for the right type of producer visa. We work to ensure that your immigration status is taken care of and we have worked with many creative and artistic professionals and helped them secure the proper visas.