Who Can Get An H-1B Visa?

An H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that gives permission to certain qualified foreign nationals to come to the United States to work for U.S. companies in a specialty occupation.

A specialty occupation requires that the individual have highly specialized knowledge related to a specific field of work. There are many different types of specialty occupations in Los Angeles, including the following:

  • Physicians, surgeons, health care researchers, and other medical professionals;
  • Lawyers and legal professionals;
  • Computer programmers, computer scientists, and network administrators;
  • Engineers, including electrical, civil, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering;
  • Professors and teachers;
  • Writers, artists, and other creative professionals;
  • Surveyors and architects;
  • Biologists, anthropologists, political scientists, and other social scientists;
  • Therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists;
  • Accountants, economists, and auditors;
  • Managers, administrators, and other leadership positions in various fields.

With numerous high-level universities, tech companies, research facilities, and creative fields, it should be no surprise that many people want to obtain an H-1B visa in order to  work in a specialty occupation in Los Angeles.

In addition to the previously mentioned occupations, H-1B visas are also available to individuals in the fashion industry, such as models. Because Los Angeles has become an important city in the fashion world, models from foreign countries regularly want to obtain H-1B visas to have the opportunity to participate in fashion shows, photo shoots, and other events that regularly occur  in LA. Whether you are a model or work in another specialized field, the highly experienced Los Angeles H-1B visa lawyers at the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers are here to help you.

Requirements For An H-1B Visa in Los Angeles

In order to obtain an H-1B visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have received a bachelor’s degree or more advanced degree in your field OR have the experience equivalent to such a degree;
  • The position you wish to fill requires your specific experience, skill, or advanced degree;
  • The position is in a qualifying specialty occupation;
  • The employer must sponsor your visa petition;
  • Your employer must meet certain requirements for wages, specifically that they must pay you at least the prevailing wage or a wage similar to others in the same occupation with similar qualifications in Los Angeles;
  • An H-1B visa must be available, as USCIS has a limited quota, or “cap”, for this type of visa.

If you are a model in the fashion industry seeking an H-1B visa in Los Angeles, you will need to demonstrate the following:

  • You are a “prominent” and recognized on a national or international basis;
  • The position you are taking must require a model of prominence who has distinguished ability and merit;
  • The employer must meet the previously mentioned prevailing wage requirements.

If you successfully obtain an H-1B visa, you will receive permission to work in the United States for three years, or six years in some situations. You may also later apply for a green card to become a permanent resident of the U.S. In addition, your spouse and your children who are unmarried and younger than 21 years old can accompany you to Los Angeles by obtaining H-4 visas. At the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, we can assist you not only with your own H-1B visa, and we can also help to secure H-4 visas for your family members, as well.

Consult With Our Los Angeles H-1B Visa Attorneys

An H-1B visa can be very important for people who wish to work in a specialty occupation in and around LA. However, since many complications often arise during the visa application process, it’s important to have skilled attorneys on your side to help you avoid delays and resolve any problems that come up. At the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, our Los Angeles H-1B Visa lawyers have years of experience and can successfully walk you through every step of the process. To schedule a consultation for help with an H-1B visa, please answer a few questions here and schedule your free case evaluation.