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Goldstein visas infographic Coming to the United States on a visa can be an intricate dance of timing, processes, applications, and appeals. There are numerous types of visas you might be able to travel and reside under – and an experienced Visa Attorney in Los Angeles is likely your best bet for an expedient and positive outcome.

The team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers is positioned to help those coming to the US, or already here, deal with their visa status (including visa delay issues in Los Angeles) while following all the legal processes and requirements to do so. Here are a few of the types of visas we can help with.

F4 Visa

If you have already completed your immigration procedures and are a resident of the US, your siblings may choose to come to the US on an F4 visa. F4 visas are one piece of a broad group of visas designated as ‘family preference’ visas. The United States Department of State describes a family preference visa as being used for family members who are “non-immediate” family members of lawful permanent residents or U.S. citizens. This visa is used particularly for siblings, and occasionally the spouse and unmarried children of that sibling.

An immigrant can be eligible for an F4 visa if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have a sibling who is a U.S. citizen;
  • The American sibling is at least 21 years of age; and
  • The applicant can prove their relationship with their American sibling.

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U Visa

If you were a victim of a qualifying crime while visiting the United States you could be eligible for a U Visa to stay and help prosecutors ensure the crime is prosecuted. You must be a victim of the crime, have been harmed physically or mentally during the crime, and agree to assist prosecution for as long as they need you.

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P Visa

If you are a non-immigrant athlete, artist, or entertainer, The P visa would allow you to come to this country, along with your spouses and children, to work in these fields on a temporary basis. This is not an easy visa to obtain, so a U.S.-based attorney with extensive experience in P Visas can be of great assistance. The Los Angeles-based Goldstein Immigration Lawyers are here to help you through the process.
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E Visa

An E visa is for those who have significant investments in the U.S. and are a national of a country that maintains treaty relations with the United States. There are no pre-set limits on how much of an investment is required to be eligible for an E visa. In some cases, employees might be allowed to accompany the treaty investor to the U.S. but limitations and qualifications apply.

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Other Visa Assistance

Writ of Mandamus

A writ of mandamus is a lawsuit filed by someone who has submitted an application for a green card, or some other type of immigration benefit, and it has been stalled and held up for an unreasonable amount of time in administrative processing. By filling the Writ of Mandamus lawsuit, it forces the government to make a final decision on your application and stop delaying. The mandate is to review and give a decision on every application in a timely and reasonable manner as per the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). If your application or filing has been held up, let the experts at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers help you get things moving again.

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221g/Administrative Processing

A 221g is a refusal to issue a visa, generally given by the U.S. Consulate to those seeking immigration or some sort of work/travel status to the United States. It is not a denial, but a refusal to issue the document. A refusal is essentially is a temporary hold that they put on your application. This moves your application into a procedure called “administrative processing.” If we boil down the meaning – both Administrative Processing and 221(g) mean that additional processing time that’s required after the visa interview.

There can be many reasons for this, and many ways to resolve the issue. An experienced Los Angeles immigration lawyer can help you wade through the process. Call us today.

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I would like to thank you for your help with my case Ir1. I got 221G due to late registration of my Birth Certificate. The results were great I did not have to wait any longer. And we also appreciate the honesty with my situation. We are pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. I am with my husband now, after waiting for 2 years to get my visa! Thank God! Watching your videos last time, made me realize suing the federal government is the only solution to our problem.So we did it! Filing a Mandamus Lawsuit is the best decision we ever made last year. After 3 weeks filing, they granted my visa. It made them realize that they have to issue my visa right away. I will gladly recommend your service to any of my friends or family that may ever need it. You’re a blessing to all the couples who were separated because of these visa delays who wants to be with their love ones soon. Hoping you can help more people like us. Thanks again.

Sophia B
February 22, 2021

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