Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Responds to President Trump’s Illegal Plan to Release Detained Immigrant in “Sanctuary Cities”

NBC Los Angeles reports that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is pushing back strongly against President Trump’s unlawful “plan” to release detained immigrants strictly in “sanctuary cities”. In recent weeks, the President has taken to Twitter and announced that his administration is exploring the option of transporting detained immigrants directly to sanctuary jurisdictions.

As explained by Mayor Garcetti, this is simply the Trump Administration’s “latest hateful idea” and it is a demonization of immigrants that will “never become a reality.” California Governor Gavin Newsom called the president’s proposal “asinine” and stated that it is both “unserious and illegal.”

President Trump’s “Plan” Was Deemed Illegal By His Own Administration

Mayor Garcetti and Governor Newsom are almost undoubtedly correct in stating that President Trump’s proposal to release detained immigrants into sanctuary jurisdictions will never become a reality. Legal experts and policy experts from all sides of the political spectrum have noted that the president’s “plan” is clearly illegal. In fact, President Trump’s own officials even believe that this “plan” violates federal law.

Recently, The Washington Post reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) twice rejected pursuing this type of approach in 2018 after determining that it was unlawful. As of April 15th, 2019, CNBC reports that House Democrats have sent a letter to the DHS seeking all relevant documents and records pertaining to the issue — including any emails that were exchanged between White House official and DHS employees.

Why Sanctuary Status is Important for Los Angeles

In direct defiance of the Trump Administration, Los Angeles formally declared itself a ‘City of Sanctuary’ in February of 2019. Though, the city has long had sanctuary policies in place. While the concept is often attacked by the Trump Administration and other opponents of immigrant rights, ‘sanctuary cities’ are not well understood. Los Angeles has simply put certain restrictions on how local law enforcement officers and local officials can cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agencies.

It must be made clear that being a sanctuary city makes Los Angeles a safer place for all of its residents. It encourages good relations between immigrants — who in large part help to drive our economy and ensure that our city thrives — and local law enforcement officers. When people are terrified that local police officers will ask about or focus on their immigration status, they are simply far less likely to report crimes and cooperate with police investigations. Community members need to be able to trust their local officials.

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