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If you have received a Notice to Appear and have a deportation case in immigration court, you have rights. One of your rights is to work with an experienced deportation lawyer who can defend you and help you stay in the United States. If you are facing deportation, contact a Los Angeles deportation lawyer as soon as possible to determine your options and come up with a strategy to fight your case.

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Deportation is the process of removing an individual from the United States and sending the person back to his or her country of origin. Whether an immigrant will be deported or instead has the right to remain in the United States will be determined in immigration court. Formally, the series of hearings in immigration court are called “removal proceedings.” These hearings take place before an immigration judge and involve two opposing parties – the immigrant and the government. The government is represented by an attorney from the Department of Homeland Security, and the immigrant has the right to be represented by a seasoned immigration attorney of his or her choosing.

Deportation hearing in Los Angeles Immigration Court?

If you receive a Notice to Appear in immigration court, the Department of Homeland Security has begun the process of trying to remove, or deport, you from the United States. When you receive this letter, contact an experienced deportation lawyer to defend you as soon as possible. Immigration court and removal proceedings are very complicated, so having a knowledgeable advocate on your side will make all the difference.

The Department of Homeland Security typically begins a case in immigration court against an individual for one or more of the following reasons (among others):

  • The person was initially in the United States legally, but his or her visa has since expired, leaving them in the United States without any lawful status
  • The person is a green card holder who was found guilty of a serious crime or has had difficulty with the law
  • The person entered the United States without the proper paperwork. In other words, the person entered the country illegally
  • The person filed an application for an immigration benefit and the application was denied

On the Notice to Appear, the government will list the reasons why you have been asked to appear in immigration court. These are the reasons why they believe you should be deported. The Notice to Appear will often also include details about what court you will have to go to for your hearings, the date and time of your first hearing, as well as the following information:

  • The legal authority that the government is relying on to try to deport you
  • The fact that you have a right to hire an attorney to represent you at your hearings
  • The consequences you can face for failing to appear in immigration court
  • And the requirement that you provide the immigration court with your current address and phone number

Remember, you have the right to work with a deportation lawyer to defend yourself and potentially remain in the United States – exercise this right by working with an experienced immigration attorney.

What to Expect in Immigration Court

The Los Angeles Immigration Court is located at 606 S. Olive Street #1500 in Los Angeles, California. If you receive a Notice to Appear in immigration court in Los Angeles, this is where you need to go.

Typically, your first hearing is known as the “master hearing” or “master calendar hearing.” Depending on the circumstances of your case, this could be your only hearing or it could be the first in a series of hearings in immigration court. If it is only the first in a series of hearings, the final hearing in this series will be your “individual hearing.” At your individual hearing, your attorney argues your case before the court. Based on the statements of the witnesses and the evidence presented, the court then determines whether removal from the United States is appropriate.

Sometimes, the government will detain a person at the same time they start removal proceedings against that person. If you or a family member is detained, the case gets put on a very fast track. Because the hearings happen so quickly in detained cases, it is even more important to hire an experienced deportation lawyer to help you fight your case. An experienced immigration attorney can help you figure out whether you can ask the judge to release you on bond, and if you are eligible for bond, can help you put together the evidence necessary to win your bond hearing and get you out of jail. Or, if you are not eligible for bond, an experienced immigration attorney can work with you and your family members to quickly and efficiently put together the strongest case possible to keep you here in the United States.

Work with a Los Angeles Deportation Attorney

If you are living in Los Angeles and you find yourself in immigration court or facing deportation, contact experienced attorney Joshua L. Goldstein of The Goldstein Immigration Lawyers today to schedule a consultation with our firm. Being deported can have a serious impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Work with an experienced attorney who will defend your rights and help you remain in the United States.

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