DACA Recipients Suing Federal Government for Approval of Travel Permits

On May 11th, 2021, the Los Angeles Times published an important story on the challenges that DACA recipients face when trying to travel outside of the United States for educational, business, or humanitarian purposes. A group of several dozen DACA recipients is now filing a lawsuit against the federal government to get action on their application. Here, our DACA lawyer in Los Angeles discusses the story and explains the importance of legislative action.

DACA Recipients Want and Deserve the Right to Travel Abroad

The Los Angeles Times report tells the story of Miriam Delgado, a 34-year-old DACA recipient from California. Previously, she looked into visiting her ailing grandmother in Mexico—but was informed by an immigration law professional that doing so would be too risky given the state of the DACA program.

In August, Ms. Delgado applied for a study abroad program through an organization based in Long Beach, California. DACA recipients can travel internationally, but they must apply to receive permission through a legal process called ‘Advance Parole’.

The Federal Government is Too Slow in Processing Requests

Here is the problem with DACA and travel permits under the current system: The federal government is extremely slow in processing immigration applications. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Ms. Delgado has been waiting for eight months for a decision from the (now) Biden Administration.

The California-Mexico Studies Center is now filing a lawsuit on behalf of Ms. Delgado and several other DACA recipients. A representative for the organization is hopeful that this lawsuit could have long-lasting consequences to help DACA recipients get travel permits without nearly as much unreasonable delay.

Immigration delays are not only an issue with DACA travel permits. The federal government is slow in processing most immigration applications. As frustrating as it can be, you do have some options available to overcome an immigration delay, including a mandamus lawsuit.

Legislative Action is Needed: A Permanent Solution for DACA

In thinking about this issue, it is important to remember that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was always meant to be a temporary stopgap measure. It has now been nearly a decade since DACA was created and the need for a more permanent solution is greater than ever.

The Los Angeles Times report illustrates one (of many) shortcomings with DACA in its current form. Many people who were brought to the United States as young children have a very difficult time traveling over outside of the country, especially in emergency situations.

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