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United States Citizenship and Immigration Law

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Immigration law is the area of law that relates to the legal status of people who do not already have United States citizenship. It can touch upon issues related to work authorization, various visas allowing entry for limited purposes, the citizenship rights conferred upon relatives of citizenship, and the path to citizenship for people who seek it. In many cases, disputes or complications regarding immigration law may arise during the process of obtaining a certain status. In these instances, it is extremely important for people with issues related to immigration to contact an Inglewood immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Often, the assistance of an attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of a case.

Helping Individuals with a Variety of Issues Related to Immigration

Immigration law is largely governed by federal law, but certain state laws can also have a significant impact on various issues related to immigration status and foreign nationals. For example, the California Dream Act can provide undocumented students with significant financial aid opportunities so that they may pursue an education. As a result, it is important for people to retain an immigration attorney familiar with both state and federal law as well as they encounter the myriad issues that can arise in an immigration case. The Goldstein Immigration Lawyers handles any issue related to immigration law, including the following:

Goldstein Immigration Lawyers Services in Inglewood

If you are facing an immigration issue, it is important that you hire an immigration attorney right away. Inglewood immigration lawyer Joshua Goldstein has the capability to help you with a variety of immigration cases. Ranging form Visas to DACA. Review Goldstein Immigration Lawyers practices areas to see how our firm can help you today.

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Anyone who is seeking a visa, waiver of inadmissibility, a green card, citizenship, or any other type of legal immigration status should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Call the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers by calling 213-262-2000 to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today.

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