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YOUR VISA HAS BEEN PRINTED – Here’s How We Did It For Joanna

Is your spouse’s immigration situation in DANGER of going to limbo? Hey! It’s Josh here again.  There’s nothing as crushing and as difficult to process as to realize… Nothing is being done to move your spouse’s immigration situation forward by the government. That was the case for Joanna, a dear recent client of mine who... READ MORE

Oh yes, it happened – Marriage VISA Delay WIN

Struggling NOT knowing what you’re doing wrong during your process? Hey! It’s Josh here again.  I’d like to tell you a little story today. A story with a well-deserved happy ending. (A story that could be yours too!) One of my clients applied for his wife’s VISA back in 2018. Everything seemed fine…Until it wasn’t. Usually, the... READ MORE

HOW he got His Wife’s Delayed VISA APPROVED!

HER Visa was stuck at the Consulate for more than 4 years! Hey! It’s Josh here.  I’ll be honest… Writing this email has been one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a while. And the reason is…I simply couldn’t wait to share with you this extraordinary VISA-Delay turned into a Success story! Meet Tagelsir:  An... READ MORE

There is a lot of relief…

Petitioner name: Abdalla Dafalla Beneficiary name: Amna “There is a lot of relief… It feels like you have been bullied for a long time and someone finally stood up for you.” Abdalla had applied for his wife to come to the US in 2018, all was well with the application and it got approved! There... READ MORE

My well kept visa delay secrets…

Want to learn the visa delay secrets I have never shared before? I have never shared these with anyone and I want you to be the FIRST ONE! If that sounds like you I am hosting a no-cost presentation at no cost to show you my secrets for getting your visa approved fast if it’s... READ MORE

Reversal: Trump Administration Drops Proposed Restrictions on Online-Only Classes for Student Visa Holders

On July 6th, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made a surprise announcement that new restrictions were being added to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Without warning, the agency declared that F-1 students and M-1 students would not be allowed to remain in the United States if their school was going to online-only instruction... READ MORE

How to Apply for a Humanitarian Visa

If you or a loved one is facing an emergency situation, you may be eligible to obtain a humanitarian visa. Also known as humanitarian parole, this type of immigration relief is available in a narrow set of circumstances. Though, under United States immigration law, there are multiple humanitarian options and protections that you might be... READ MORE