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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Responds to President Trump’s Illegal Plan to Release Detained Immigrant in “Sanctuary Cities”

NBC Los Angeles reports that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is pushing back strongly against President Trump’s unlawful “plan” to release detained immigrants strictly in “sanctuary cities”. In recent weeks, the President has taken to Twitter and announced that his administration is exploring the option of transporting detained immigrants directly to sanctuary jurisdictions. As explained... READ MORE

A California Judge Halted the Trump Administration’s ‘Wait-in-Mexico’ Policy — But the Ninth Circuit Temporarily Blocked the Ruling

As reported by The Washington Post, Judge Richard Seeborg, a federal judge from San Francisco, ruled that the Trump Administration’s ‘Wait-in-Mexico’ policy for asylum-seekers violates key provisions of federal immigration law. In recent months, the Trump Administration has been forcing many asylum-seekers to return to Mexico while they were awaiting their court date. However, on... READ MORE

Looking for Immigration Advice? Four Warning Signs You May Be Dealing With Fraud

In December, our legal team highlighted the story of several Southern California farmworkers who were scammed by an individual falsely posing as an immigration lawyer. Unfortunately, these types of fraud schemes are all too common. In February, the Los Angeles Immigration Fraud Unit announced charges against more individuals for scamming immigrants. Alarmingly, Los Angeles County... READ MORE

Update on Immigration Delays: It Takes Twice as Long to Get a Visa Compared to Four Years Ago

In recent years, many immigrants have been forced to endure frustrating delays in the processing of their application. California’s immigration court backlog is the largest in the country, and the federal government shutdown has only added to the chaos and dysfunction. The delays in our system are not limited to immigration courts. Recently, new data... READ MORE

Report: Smugglers, Criminal Groups are Benefiting From President Trump’s Draconian Immigration Policies

President Trump has consistently pushed policies that make life significantly more difficult for immigrants and their families. Yet, there are some groups who appear to have benefited directly from the administration’s immigration policies: smugglers and criminal gangs in Mexico.   On February 4th, 2019, USA Today published a story on the impacts that the Trump... READ MORE

Washington Post: ICE Set Up a Fake University in a Sting Operation

Until very recently, the website for the “University of Farmington” looked fairly similar to the website for any other ordinary American college or university. It was filled with leafy pictures, background information, and general details on enrollment procedures and course programs. If you navigate to the website today, you will find a message stating that... READ MORE

Reuters: The Trump Administration is Planning on Sending Some Asylum Seekers Back to Mexico

According to reporting from Reuters, the United States government is preparing to unveil a new plan that will send some asylum seekers back to Tijuana, Mexico while their immigration claim is processing. This is a major policy shift by the Trump Administration — and it raises some serious red flags. In this article, our dedicated... READ MORE

Public Radio International: Los Angeles Immigration Court is a ‘Ghost Town’; Government Shutdown Causing Enormous Disruption

As the Trump Administration’s shutdown rolls past the one-month mark, more and more people are being forced to reckon with the damage. Earlier in January, we discussed the impact the federal government shutdown was having on immigration courts. Each day the shutdown goes on, additional immigration hearings are postponed to an uncertain date in the... READ MORE

The Top Five Most Immigrant-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

[UPDATED MARCH 2019] According to data provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are nearly 45 million foreign-born individuals currently residing in the United States. There is no question: America remains one of the most popular destinations in the world for immigrants seeking a new home. Indeed, there are more immigrant-friendly... READ MORE

Dreamer, Princeton University and Microsoft File Joint Lawsuit to Protect DACA

According to reporting from Univision News, Dreamer María Perales, Princeton University and Microsoft have filed a joint lawsuit against the Trump Administration, seeking to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Within the legal complaint, these plaintiffs argue that the Trump Administration is violating the United States Constitution and federal law by attempting... READ MORE