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203(g) Visa Canceled – What Does It Really Mean?

  I’m Josh Goldstein, an immigration lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. Today, I want to talk about a very important message that so many of my clients are getting. Everybody is racing out to ask me questions about this. And chances are that you’ve been getting a very similar message.   The message It... READ MORE

DACA Alternatives: immigration options after DACA ends

Trying to follow the news about DACA can give you whiplash. First, Donald Trump decided to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), leaving some 800,000 young people without access to employment authorization and protection from deportation. Now it appears that Democrats and Trump may have reached a DACA Deal, which would make DACA the... READ MORE

Understanding Immigration Law: Is it a Bad Sign to Receive a Request for Evidence?

A Request for Evidence (RFE) is a type of document issued by the USCIS that seeks additional information from a petitioner/applicant. RFEs are relatively common. As an example, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reports that a Request for Evidence is issued in nearly 25 percent of H-1B visa petitions.  If you just... READ MORE

New Firm Name, Same Great Team!

The Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. is now Goldstein Immigration Lawyers   We’re thrilled to announce the new name of our firm. As of April 2020, The Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. is now Goldstein Immigration Lawyers. Rest assured that even though our name has changed, we’re still the same great... READ MORE