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Withholding of Removal: Explained

An immigrant who faces a credible fear of persecution in their country of origin may be eligible to obtain asylum protection in the United States. Although asylum is the most well known immigration options for people who face imminent danger in their native country, it is not the only option that is currently available under... READ MORE

The Trump Administration is Blocking Public Access to the “Immigration Tent Courts”

According to reporting from the Los Angeles Times, the Trump Administration announced that it will not allow any independent access to the so-called “immigration tent courts” that have been set up in multiple locations along the United States-Mexico border in Texas. Indeed, neither the press, legal observers, no members of the public will be allowed... READ MORE

Disappointing News: Supreme Court Lifts Injunction — Allows Trump Administration’s Latest Asylum Restrictions to Take Effect

According to reporting from the Associated Press, the Supreme Court of the United States will allow the Trump Administration to enforce a devastating new rule that will prevent many Central American migrants from obtaining asylum protections in California and other states. By a vote of seven to two (7-2), the nation’s highest court has allowed... READ MORE

Attorney General William Barr Promotes Immigration Judges With High Rates of Denial in Asylum Claims

On August 23rd, 2019, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that U.S. Attorney General William Barr is disproportionately promoting immigration judges with unusually high denial rates in asylum claims. This news comes at the same time that the Trump Administration is putting a number of additional barriers in front of asylum seekers — including putting some... READ MORE

Trump Administration Puts Nearly 60,000 Immigration Cases on the “Fast Track” — Los Angeles is One of Ten Cities Included in the Pilot Program

According to reporting from PBS NewsHour, the Trump Administration has rolled out a new pilot program — putting more than 56,000 immigration cases on a “fast track”. Ten cities have been included within this pilot program, including Los Angeles.  While frustrating delays and lengthy backlogs have been a major problem in immigration courts, the Trump... READ MORE

ProPublica Report: Asylum Seekers Who Followed Trump Administration’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Rule Now Being Denied Chance to Apply Because of New Trump Administration Rule

On July 22nd, 2019, ProPublica reported that thousands of vulnerable migrants are being denied a chance to apply for asylum in the United States — even though they have complied with all of the hurdles that the Trump Administration has put in from of them. Indeed, in many cases, these asylum seekers signed up for... READ MORE

Homeland Security Rolls Out Invasive New Pilot Program to Test DNA of Asylum Seekers

According to reporting from NBC Southern California, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is unveiling a new plan to conduct DNA testing of asylum seekers who arrive at the border with young children. The Trump Administration claims that the highly invasive testing is necessary to prevent immigration fraud — which, despite the president’s claim, is... READ MORE

President Trump is Pushing a New Rule that Would Force Asylum Seekers to Pay an Application Fee

According to reporting from The New York Times, President Trump is once again attempting to impose new burdens on people claiming asylum in the United States. On April 29th, 2019, the Trump Administration unveiled a new set of regulatory changes aimed at restricting the rights of asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are fleeing violence and persecution.... READ MORE