YOUR VISA HAS BEEN PRINTED – Here’s How We Did It For Joanna

Is your spouse’s immigration situation in DANGER of going to limbo?

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

There’s nothing as crushing and as difficult to process as to realize…

Nothing is being done to move your spouse’s immigration situation forward by the government.

That was the case for Joanna, a dear recent client of mine who had to deal with the reality of not even getting a response on her husband’s immigration process.

“We started getting EXTREMELY frustrated, and thought there was something wrong with our case…”

And yes, Joanna and her husband went through the usual process of:

  • Filing the documents (getting no response)

  • Contacting a Congressional aide (who did help them, but with little to no effect)

  • Running out of options.

Joanna’s case is the perfect example of not only the obstacles & “limbos” one finds along the way during this process…

But also the hardships that come with trying to do everything yourself.

“We didn’t want a lawyer. We thought: If we started this, we’re finishing this. Of course… it didn’t work.”

And this is not to detract Joanna’s tremendous effort to get this done.

Quite the contrary…

However, when it comes to actually getting results for your situation, the right legal counsel can be a GAMECHANGER for your process!

In Joanna’s case, the thing that actually led her to try out something different…

Was getting an email saying her husband’s VISA had been outright REFUSED.

No explanation.

No email.


Fortunately, in this case, we were able to help her and her husband completely turn things around.

We managed to get the words “YOUR VISA HAS BEEN ISSUED” printed for them.

All the best,


PS – Want to get unstuck from the administrative processing limbo for you or your spouse in 6-12 weeks?

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