What Trump Winning Could Mean For Your VISA…

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But today, more than ever, we need to ask the hard questions…

If Trump Wins, What Happens To You Our Families & Your Chances Of Getting A VISA?

Let’s face it:

No presidential election has ever been more important for people looking to solve their immigration status than this one:

That’s why today, I want to tell you a story…

During the previous presidential election, a dear client of mine and me had an interesting discussion.

He said:

“Donald Trump is NOT against immigration, he’s simply against ILLEGAL immigration.”

But what happened as soon as Donald Trump got to power in terms of immigration?

  • Asylums got restricted.

  • Asylees could no longer apply for other immigrants.

  • The ‘white nationalism’ sentiment became even more apparent.

  • Immigrants got vilified by the public narrative (calling them rapists/terrorists)


What’s going to happen if Trump gets re-elected?

This is such an important topic of discussion for you, me & thousands of immigrants…

That I’ve recorded a video for you where I go into full detail on what’s going to happen:

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