Trump Administration Set to Slash Refugee Limit for Third Straight Year—Will Be a Historic Low of Just 15,000

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Trump Administration is preparing to cut the nation’s refugee cap by an additional 16.5 percent. The cap is being reduced from 18,000 to just 15,000. To put the change into perspective, the U.S. is set to take in the fewest number of refugees in the history of the modern resettlement program. Below, our California immigration lawyers highlight three things you should know about what the Trump Administration has done to the refugee program.

The Trump Administration has Dramatically Cut Refugees

Under the current structure of the refugee resettlement program, the executive branch has enormous power to determine how many vulnerable people can come into the United States as refugees each year. The Trump Administration has used that power to limit access.

In 2017, the United States took in more than 110,000 refugees. Every year in power, the Trump Administration has trimmed the number of spots for refugees. In less than four years, President Trump has reduced refugee admission into the United States by more than 80 percent.

Our Country Takes in Far Fewer Refugees than Comparable Countries

Due to civil wars, climate change, and economic dislocation, there are many people all over the world in need of a safe place to call home. The United Nations (UN) reports that there are nearly 75 million refugees worldwide.

The United States is failing to step up. On a population adjusted basis, similarly situated countries such as Canada and Germany continue to take in far more refugees. Despite having approximately ten percent of our population, Canada is now taking in more refugees than the United States.

Strong Opposition in Congress, But Little Can Be Done Without Political Change

The Trump Administration nearly missed the deadline on its 2021 refugee resettlement proposal. The Associated Press reports that congressional leaders received the plan less than one hour before the deadline. There is considerable opposition to the Trump Administration’s plan reductions. While the strongest complaints came from Democrats, several Republicans have also expressed displeasure.

Yet, there is little congressional leaders can do at this time. As long as President Trump remains in office, he retains significant control over the refugee numbers. With political change could come a quick increase in resettlement. Whoever is in office in the fall of 2021 will set the refugee cap for the 2022 fiscal year. The Joe Biden campaign has pledged to reverse the Trump Administration’s cuts.

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