Trump Administration is Pushing Another Round of Immigration Fee Hikes—It Could Cost More than $1,000 to Appeal a Deportation Order

According to a report from The New York Times, the Trump Administration is once against pushing sharp increases in immigration fees—dramatically increasing the costs of certain court filings. If they go into effect, the changes could put a deep financial strain on vulnerable immigrants. In some cases, the fees could make it cost prohibitive for lower income individuals and families to appeal unfair decisions. 

This is not the first time that President Trump has pushed an increase in immigration fees. Last year, the Administration proposed new fees for asylum applications and DACA renewals. Below, our immigration lawyer provides an overview of the latest proposal from the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

An Overview of the Trump Administration’s Latest Immigration Fee Hikes

For the most part, the Trump Administration’s new immigration fee hikes are targeted directly at people who are facing deportation from the United States or who have already received an adverse decision. In many cases, these people are already in a financially precarious position—with many of them unable to afford the cost of professional legal representation. The Administration’s fee hike could make a deportation appeal too expensive. Specifically, the following two new fee increases are included in the proposal: 

  • Cost of Applying for Cancellation for Removal: To seek the cancellation of a removal order, an immigrant must file forms costing a total of $100. Under the Trump Administration’s latest proposal, the cost of these forms would triple to $300. 


  • Cost of Appealing an Adverse Decision of an Immigration Judge: Under current law, it costs $110 to file a form necessary to appeal an adverse decision made by an immigration judge. Under the Trump Administration’s new rules, the cost of that form would skyrocket to $975―an enormous increase.

It is important to emphasize that raising the cost of appealing adverse decisions discourages people from exercising their full legal rights. The right to appeal is crucial. 

Not Yet Effective: The Fee Increases Much Go Through the Federal Rulemaking Process

To be clear, the immigration fees increases have not yet gone into effect. They were officially published to the Federal Register on February 28th, 2020—meaning they must now go through the federal rulemaking process. Among other things, this means that there will be an opportunity for the public to weigh in on the issue. You have an opportunity to make your voice heard and state your opposition to these punitive, unreasonable immigration fee increases. 

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