Trump Administration Announces Plan to Block Some Migrants From Seeking Asylum

In the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump increasingly launched a steady barrage of rhetorical and policy-based attacks of immigrants and immigrant communities. This includes sending military officers to the Southern Border and claiming that he will end birthright citizenship through a blatantly unconstitutional executive order.   

In a November 1st speech, the president leveled another disturbing attack on immigrant rights.  According to reporting from NBC News, the Trump Administration is planning to block migrants from claiming asylum at areas in between U.S. ports of entry. The administration claims that migrants will only be allowed to exercise their right to apply for asylum at the actual ports of entry.  

Few Details Have Been Offered — But the Administration is Attacking Asylum Rights

President Trump indicated that he is preparing a new executive order that would limit the ability migrants have to apply for asylum in the United States. While the president was light on the specifics — and he failed to provide any valid legal rationale, let alone a reasonable moral justification for this decision — Trump stated that the administration plans to block migrants from applying from asylum anywhere outside of a U.S. port of entry. This would be a dramatic restriction on asylum rights. The true intent of the proposal could not be more clear: disincentivize people from seeking asylum by making it almost impossible for them to actually get it. Legal action must be taken to prevent the administration from carrying out this and any other unlawful policy that unfairly harms the rights of immigrants.

A Lawsuit Has Already Been Filed Against the Trump Administration

Should the Trump Administration go through with its plan to restrict the rights of asylum-seekers, it is expected that many lawsuits will be filed against the United States government. A lawsuit has already been filed in the United States District Court of the District of Columbia on behalf of six Honduran nationals and several minor children who allege that President Trump has already violated their rights in his response to the caravan moving through Central America.

According to the allegations raised in the lawsuit, the president’s professed policy against the ‘caravan’ is unconstitutional. The plaintiffs and their legal representatives contend that the administration is abusing its authority in seeking to deter and prevent Central Americans from exercising their lawful right to apply for asylum in the United States. It is important to remember that asylum is legal immigration. Every person has the right to file an asylum application.

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