Three Tips to Avoid Visa Delays (And How to Get Your Visa Out of Administrative Processing)

Unfortunately, the U.S. immigration process can move slowly. In some cases, visa applications are stuck processing for months, or even longer. One of the most common questions that people have for an immigration attorney is: How can I expedite my visa application? In this article, our Los Angeles visa delay attorneys offer three tips to help avoid immigration delays and we explain how you can get your application out of administrative processing.

Three Tips You Can Use to Avoid Immigration Delays

The best way to expedite your visa petition is to ensure that you have prepared a complete, well-supported immigration package. In some cases, delays happen because of relatively small mistakes in a visa application. Here are three specific tips that you can use to avoid visa delays:

  • Get Yourself Organized: To help ensure that the visa application process is as smooth and efficient as possible, it is best practice to carefully organize all relevant documents, records, and information as early as possible. Be proactive.
  • Make Sure Your Application is Complete: A visa delay can occur if an incomplete application is submitted. Unfortunately, USCIS may not notify you right away that key details are missing. The whole process may grind to a halt.
  • Do Not Guess—Professional Help is Available: If you are struggling with a part of the visa application process, you are not alone. It is complicated. Do not hesitate to seek professional guidance and support from an experienced immigration attorney. A little help now can save you a lot of time and money down the road.

A Mandamus Lawsuit Can Help End the Delay of Your Visa Petition

One of the most frustrating aspects of the U.S. immigration process is that you can do everything right and your visa petition can still end up stuck, delayed in administrative processing. The good news is that you have an option available to overcome an unreasonable visa delay. Under a federal statute called the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), government agencies—including USCIS—are required to render decisions within a reasonable period of time.

If your visa petition is delayed, a Los Angeles immigration lawyer can help you file a mandamus action. Also known as a ‘writ of mandamus’, a mandamus action is a lawsuit that compels a government agency to live up to its responsibilities under federal law. You can use a mandamus action to get a decision on your application and overcome a visa delay.

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