These MASSIVE immigration changes are coming in 2021

Wondering what this new administration will do for your case?

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

It happened folks.

After 4 long years of intensified racism, hate speech, xenophobia and lack of government support for immigration…Donald Trump has lost the Presidential Election.

Which means…There’s finally a glimmer of change when it comes to immigration.

As always, staying critical & updated with the latest news is KEY to making the most of each individual case.

That’s why today I’d like to ask the question:

What Are The Top 10 Changes We Can Expect Under The Biden Administration?

Of course, we need to ask ourselves this question from the perspective of:

  • People who want to get back with their families.

  • People who want to get their Work VISA settled.

  • People living under an asylee or refugee status.

  • People who have been wronged or denied by the Embassy/Government.

  • People who have been affected by COVID-19 regarding their family’s status.

These are just some of the perspectives I want you and me to talk about so you can prepare & take advantage during the next few months.

I’ve recorded a video where I go into detail on these Top 10 Changes:

All the best,


P.S. – Over the next few days, I’ll be emailing you more detailed info about the exciting changes that are around the corner. So keep an eye on your inbox! Meet with me and my team today if you have any questions.