There is a lot of relief…

Petitioner name: Abdalla Dafalla

Beneficiary name: Amna



“There is a lot of relief… It feels like you have been bullied for a long time and someone finally stood up for you.”

Abdalla had applied for his wife to come to the US in 2018, all was well with the application and it got approved!

There is no better feeling.

They were excited to start their lives together as US immigrants living in the land of opportunity.

He had been in the US for quite some time and was ecstatic to wake up with his one and only by his side every morning.

The interview to the embassy went well and the embassy got everything they needed and they handed her passport back like her application meant nothing.

Amna was crushed.

Their application wasn’t approved with the embassy and they didn’t know what was next.

He was scared and didn’t know where to turn.

They tried everything.

  • Emailing.

  • Calling.

  • Contacting their local senator.

All this effort to no avail.

After spending hours, and what felt like decades, scouring every corner of the internet to find out what could be done about having a case stuck in administrative processing, he found us.

Abdalla was scared that the government would “retaliate” against him for filing a lawsuit against them.

“Maybe there was some odd law that would affect me?”

The uncertainty was at an all time high!

But after a year and a half separated from his wife and facing marital problems due to the 9 hour time difference and the stress of feeling like no one is there for you in such a hard time.

It was time to make the decision.

File a lawsuit to get the case out of administrative processing.

It sounds extreme, and in the case of our dear friend, it was the best option to end the nightmare of not having your loved one by your side.

This man quickly found that the government wasn’t mad that he took legal action and saying goodbye to his wife countless times after trips back and forth from Sudan and California.

After landing in the US after one trip to Sudan to day yet another goodbye.

He got the notification: APPROVED!

The sense of relief was insurmountable.

It finally happened!

All because of a simple lawsuit to get the case out of administrative processing.

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