The Trump Administration is Planning “Crackdown” in Sanctuary Cities—Los Angeles Officials Strongly Oppose the Policy

According to a report from Reuters, the Trump Administration is sending teams of immigration enforcement officers to sanctuary cities all across the country—including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Chicago. 

The agents—who are members of the CBP Border Patrol Tactical Unit—are being deployed to help ICE ramp up deportations. This is just the latest in a long line of punitive measures that the Trump Administration has taken against sanctuary cities. Los Angeles is not backing down. 

Los Angeles is Pushing Back Against CBP/ICE

Community leaders in our city are raising strong objections to the Trump Administration’s latest effort to increase deportations. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Michel Moore quickly released a public statement confirming that our local officers will not be cooperating with the federal government. As Mayor Garcetti noted, the LAPD “does not coordinate with ICE or participate in immigration enforcement.” 

The Mayor and the LAPD chief are not alone in criticizing the Trump Administration’s action. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed that he “strongly” opposes the deployment of Border Patrol agents and he called the policy “poorly thought out” and one that should be seen as just another “tactic to intimidate” immigrants and other people in our communities. 

Report: The Enforcement Operation is Expected to Last for Several Months

Deploying border patrol agents to many of our nation’s largest cities is a major maneuver by the federal government. As with many other of the immigration enforcement policies pushed by the Trump Administration, there is an alarming lack of transparency regarding what exactly the CBP agents will be doing in Los Angeles County and other sanctuary communities. That being said, we do know that they will be working with ICE. Further, the New York Times did obtain an internal CBP email that states that the heightened enforcement operation is expected to run from February until May. Again, the true scope of the operation remains unknown. 

One of the immediate consequences of the Trump Administration’s policies is that many vulnerable people do not feel safe in their own communities. During this time, it is important that everyone knows their rights. If you or your loved one is detained by an ICE agent or a deployed CBP agent, professional guidance and support is available. Be ready to contact an experienced immigration lawyer for assistance.  

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