Telemundo Interview: President Trump Promises New Executive Order on Immigration

On July 10th, President Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with Telemundo—North America’s largest Spanish language television network. In a sharp break from his usual anti-immigrant rhetoric and his poor record on immigrant rights, the president made big promises to help expand legal protections for people. 

Among other things, the President stated his intention to take executive action to give DACA holders a path to citizenship. Though, the White House almost immediately started to ‘walk back’ his comments. Here, our California immigration lawyer discusses the president’s statements and we explain why the administration cannot be trusted on these issues. 

President Trump Made Big Promises on Immigration

Speaking to an audience disproportionately made up of immigrants and their families, President Trump took a different tone on immigration. In responding to a question, he pledged to take action to expand immigrants’ rights in the coming weeks—including creating a “road to citizenship” for DACA recipients. As reported by Al Jazeera English, President Trump promised that a path to U.S. citizenship is in the works for ‘Dreamers’.  It is a big promise for a reform that is long overdue. 

Major Red Flag: Administration Cannot Be Trusted on Immigration

President Trump’s interview with Telemundo was very much in character for him. Although it would be welcome news if he followed through on extended legal protections for DACA recipients, there is little reason to be hopeful that he will do so. Time after time, the Trump Administration has worked to undermine immigrant rights—from child separation to restrictions on asylum

Further, the president was vague and unfocused in his interview. In many ways, it was unclear as to what exactly he was talking about. The president seemed to confuse legislation and executive action. Beyond that, there were few specifics. While the expectations for a DACA deal or a positive executive order are extremely low, our immigration law team will keep a close watch on any new developments. 

Political Pressure May Be Driving the President’s Change in Tone

Notably, the president’s shift in rhetoric comes only a few days after the Supreme Court blocked the Trump Administration from unilaterally ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. With the 2020 election only a few months away, it is clear that the president feels some political pressure to reach out to immigrant groups. That being said, he has repeatedly failed to deliver on these important issues. The public will have an opportunity to take a big stand for immigrant rights in November

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