Survey Results: 62.7 Percent of Legal Immigrants in California Disagree with Stricter Immigration

The travel ban that was recently implemented by President Trump has created widespread panic across the United States. In California, which is the home to millions of undocumented immigrants and green card holders, fear and anger are nearly-tangible sentiments. As a lawyer and advocate for immigrants from all backgrounds, Joshua L. Goldstein understands what you’re going through as an immigrant, even if you’re not from one of the seven countries named in the president’s executive order. Attorney Goldstein is ready to help you achieve your immigration goals.

At the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, we were curious about how legal immigrants in California feel about the Trump Administration’s new  policies, and so we conducted a survey based on the following questions:

  • Country of Origin
  • How legal immigrant status was obtained
  • Stance on Trump’s stricter immigration enforcement

Screening Question

Our survey was sent out to 2,400 Californians, and was completed by 100 qualified legal immigrants. Just 6.1 percent of respondents answered affirmatively that they had obtained permanent resident status (i.e. green card) in the U.S. within the last 5 years.


Origin of Survey Respondents

The majority of the 100 legal immigrants who answered the survey stated that their country of origin was the United States. But people from myriad other countries answered the survey, including those from: Iraq, Canada, Denmark, China, England, Honduras, India, Iran, Turkey, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Nepal, Russia, Syria, Tanzania, and Zambia.


How Permanent Resident Status Was Obtained

In addition to being asked about country of origin, respondents were also asked how their permanent resident status was obtained. A whopping 63.5 percent responded that they had attained their permanent resident status through their parents. This explains the high number of respondents who indicated that the U.S. was their country of origin in the previous question. Other ways included through marriage, by joining the military, via an employer petition, and asylum.


Do You Agree or Disagree with Trump’s Stricter Immigration Enforcement?

Finally, survey respondents were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with President Trump’s stricter immigration enforcement. 62.7 percent stated that they disagreed with stricter enforcement. Among both men and women, sentiment in opposition to stricter immigration enforcement was strong – 61.6 percent and 65.4 percent, respectively, said they disagreed with President Trump.


Additional Insights

35 out of 59, or 59.3% of respondents who named United States as their country of origin indicated that they disagreed with Trump. Eight out of nine, or 88.9% of respondents who named Mexico as their country of origin indicated that they disagreed with Trump. There were not enough respondents from countries other than the U.S. and Mexico to draw meaningful conclusions.

There was no recognizable trend amongst those who agreed with stricter policies – these respondents came from different countries, had gained legal status in different ways, and were of different income levels.

Got Questions? We Have Answers

Los Angeles is a sanctuary city for immigrants, and many people – immigrant and nonimmigrant alike. L.A. residents are taking to the streets to protest Trump’s executive order and stand up for immigrants’ rights. At the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, we are doing everything we can to protect the immigrants in California. If you have questions about your status in the United States or need help fighting back against deportation, contact us today. We are here to represent those from all countries and ethnic origin.

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