Several Southern California Farm Workers Allegedly Scammed By Fake Immigration Lawyer

According to reporting from The Tribune, a Los Angeles County man has been accused of falsely posing as an immigration lawyer and scamming immigrant farm workers. The State Bar of California announced that it has obtained an order against a Los Angeles area businessman Vincent Enriquez. He is being charged with the unauthorized practice of law.

Mr. Enriquez allegedly took in at least $12,000 from immigrant laborers on false premises — he promised them legal representation and immigration law services that could never be delivered. Far more than financial fraud, his misconduct may have had very serious ramifications. The Tribune reports that Mr. Enriquez falsely told immigrants that they would be able to obtain a green card. Two of his “clients” had removal proceedings filed against them after Mr. Enriquez submitted asylum claims on their behalf.  

This is a highly unfortunate and sad situation for the victims of this scam. Our legal team wants to make sure that every immigrant has access to top-quality, reliable legal services. Here, we provide four  important tips that you should keep in mind when you are looking to hire a immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.  

Tips to Help You Find a Trustworthy Los Angeles Immigration Attorney


  • Get an Immigration Lawyer With Experience


Regardless of the specific nature of your case, any immigration law issue is too important to be left in the hands of an amateur. You need a seasoned immigration attorney by your side throughout the entire process. It is best to look for an immigration attorney who has a proven track record of successful results in cases similar to your own.


  • Ask for References


If you want to learn more about an immigration lawyer, you should not hesitate to ask for their references. When a lawyer is unwilling or hesitant to provide reliable references, that should raise some red flags. An attorney’s past clients will be able to tell you a lot about the services that they can provide.


  • Sit Down for an Immigration Consultation


Before you hire an immigration lawyer, it is a good idea to schedule an initial consultation. This is your opportunity to learn more about their personality, their services, and their ability to help. You will be able to ask questions to which you want answers — without any long-term obligations. This way you can figure out if that immigration lawyer is truly the right representative for you.


  • Do Not Trust Someone Who Threatens to ‘Report’ You


Finally, a word of warning: If an immigration lawyer or someone presenting themselves to be an immigration lawyer ever threatens to report your status to the authorities, do not work with that person. Your discussions with your immigration lawyer should always be kept fully confidential. A legitimate immigration lawyer would never threaten to report you to ICE or law enforcement.

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