Roma Actor May Miss Oscars After Being Denied U.S. Visa

A Spanish language drama film written and directed by the Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón, Roma follows the life of a live-in housekeeper of a middle-class family in a working-class district of Mexico City. Groundbreaking because it is a foreign language film that was originally released on Netflix, Roma has received wide praise. The New York Times reports that the movie is one of the favorites to win Best Picture award at the Oscars.

However, sadly, one of the film’s lead actors, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, may not be able to attend the awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California. According to reporting from Time Magazine, Mr. Guerrero has been denied a United States visa on three separate occasions. As a result, he has already been forced to miss much of the film’s American press tour.

Why Was the Actor Denied Entry?

The specific reasons for the actor’s denial are somewhat unclear. However, he informed the reporters at ‘Quien’ — a Mexican-based celebrity new publication — that he was denied entry because complications arose regarding whether or not his trip to the United States was for work-related purposes. When Mr. Guerrero explained that he would be a guest at major U.S. events, he states that he was rejected once again.

This unfortunate case highlights the vast complexity of our visa and immigration system. In far too many cases, people struggle to obtain a visa that they should be eligible to receive under U.S. immigration law. Frustratingly, the process is extremely slow. Delays are common. Even when issues are eventually corrected, the wait can cause considerable disruption. Indeed, an unreasonable and wholly unnecessary delay may lead to a person missing an important event. There are legal options available to people facing a delay. In certain circumstances, an experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can help you expedite your immigration case.

Other Nominees Have Been Prevented From Attending the Oscars

This is not the first time that a nominee has struggled to get entry into the United States to attend the Oscars ceremony. Famously, in 2017, the Iranian-born director Asghar Farhadi was caught up in the early chaos of President Trump’s travel ban. After concerns were raised that Mr. Farhadi would be denied entry into the country simply due to his nationality, he decided to skip the event entirely in a protest of the administration. The American Film Institute (AFI) strongly supported his protest against President Trump’s terrible, outright discriminatory policy.  

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