President Biden Revoked Proclamation 10014 (The Trump Visa Ban)

On February 24th, 2021, President Joe Biden issued A Proclamation on Revoking Proclamation 10014. Effectively immediately, the wide-reaching visa ban put into place by the Trump Administration is no more. This is great news for many people who have been waiting on the approval of their immigration visa. Here, our Los Angeles immigration law attorney provides an overview of Proclamation 10014 and explains what its revocation means.

Proclamation 10014 Suspended the Entry of Many Immigrants

As a starting point, we should clarify what exactly Proclamation 10014 did and why it was so destructive to so many people. Using the COVID-19 pandemic as justification, the Trump Administration suspended the issuance of visas for many immigrant and nonimmigrant visa categories, including for:

  • Spouses and children of lawful permanent residents (green card holders);
  • Parents of American citizens; and
  • Diversity visa lottery winners.

In other words, the Trump Administration largely froze green cards for new immigrants. Only a relatively small number of categories were expected. The fallout has been significant. Many people (and families) have had their visa applications delayed, stuck waiting simply because of Proclamation 10014.

The Revocation of Proclamation 10014 is Immediate

As of February 24th, 2021 Proclamation 10014 is no more. It was officially revoked by President Biden. In doing so, President Biden emphasized that the visa restrictions put in place by the Trump Administration have not helped to protect the interests of our country. Quite the contrary, the revocation announcement states that visa ban “harms the United States, including by preventing certain family members of United States citizens and lawful permanent residents from joining their families here.”

The revocation of Proclamation 10014 is excellent news for many people who have their visa stuck at U.S. embassies. As an example, imagine that you are a green card holder (lawful permanent resident) in Southern California. Early last year, you applied for a visa for your spouse who is still in your native country. The revocation of Proclamation 10014 means that the visa application can finally start moving forward through the system again.

Additional Guidance is Expected in the Coming Weeks and Months

As with many other Trump Administration policies, a lot of work is needed to unwind the system and fix the damage. In the coming weeks and months, the Department of State is expected to release new guidelines for those people and families who were affected by the Proclamation 10014 visa ban. The good news is that many applicants are now eligible to move forward in the process. Unfortunately, due to massive backlogs, there may still be delays.

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