President Biden Plans to Send Bill to Congress to Give Legal Status to 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants

The Biden Administration is starting to roll out its immigration reform plans—and some of the proposals are more ambitious than were previously expected. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, President Biden is expected to ask Congress to pass a legislation that, among other things, provides legal status to approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants. In this article, our Los Angeles immigration lawyer highlights three things you should know about the reported Biden immigration plan.

The New Administration is Expected to Take Quick Action on Immigration

In closed door meetings with political allies, Biden Administration officials are gradually unveiling their immigration policy strategy. The push to give a path to legal status to millions of undocumented people is a key part of the Biden immigration agenda. However, the push for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress is not the totality. Vice President Kamala Harris outlined some of the other aspects of the Biden immigration plan. Some things can and will be done via executive action.

The Reported Biden Plan is Bold—Surprising Some Immigrant Rights Advocates

Some immigration rights groups are reportedly pleasantly surprised at the boldness of Biden’s immigration strategy. Hector Sanchez Barba of Mi Familia Vota, at times a critic of the tepidness of Biden’s immigration vision, remarked that this is the “most aggressive agenda that I have seen on immigration reform from day one.” Many people in meetings were especially enthused by the push for comprehensive immigration, including a proposal that would give around 11 million undocumented immigrants law permanent residency and an ability to apply for U.S. citizenship after an eight-year waiting period.

Many Obstacles Still Stand in the Way of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

It is important to emphasize that comprehensive immigration reform has a long way to go. There are many obstacles standing in the way in Congress. Some leaders want to try to push immigration reform in a single comprehensive package. Others prefer a step-by-step approach. As the United States Senate is locked in a 50-50 tie, there is a relatively narrow path to any bill that cannot be passed through reconciliation. It is likely that some level of bipartisan support will be needed to achieve comprehensive immigration reform through this Congress. The incoming Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), has expressed support for Biden’s immigration policy, but also stated that he thinks a smaller, piecemeal approach will be necessary. The new administration should be held accountable for fighting for its promises.

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