Pew Research Center: Who are America’s Immigrants in 2019?

On June 3rd, 2019, the Pew Research Center released its latest statistical portrait of the nation’s immigrant population. According to the findings, an estimated 40 million immigrants currently reside in the United States. Here, our immigration attorney in Los Angeles highlights some of the key observations from the report.

1. Mexico Remains the Top Country of Origin, But Not for New Immigrants

The Pew Research Center reports that Mexico is still the top country of origin for America’s immigrants. Indeed, nearly 25 percent of America’s immigrants were born in Mexico — 11.2 million people in total. The next highest ranking countries are China, India, the Philippines, and El Salvador. Though, notably, Mexico is no longer the number one country of origin for new immigrants to the United States. Last year, the greatest number of new immigrants arrived from India.

2. California Has More than Twice as Many Immigrants as Any Other State

As of 2018, one in every four immigrants in the United States lives in California. In total, 10.6 million immigrants currently reside in California — making the state one of the most popular immigrant destinations on earth. To put this into perspective, California’s immigrant population is more than twice as high as any other state in the country, with New York and Texas being the second and third ranked states.

3. America’s Immigrants are Exceptionally Diverse

America’s immigrants are a diverse group. Migrants come to the United States from virtually every corner of the globe. In 2019, approximately 37 percent of new immigrants came from Asia, 27 percent came from Latin America, and 15 percent came from Canada or Europe.

4. Immigrants are Projected to Drive the Future Growth in the U.S. Workforce

Over the next two decades, the Baby Boomer generation is set to leave the workforce. As a result, it is immigrants who are projected to drive future growth in the American labor force and the American economy as a whole. While the U.S. economy has long relied on the contributions of immigrants, the role of immigrants will become even more important in the coming years.

5. The United States Only Resettled 22,000 Refugees Last Year

Unfortunately, there is some bad news in the latest report. In 2018, fewer than 23,000 refugees were resettled in the United States. This is far lower than our country’s capacity and it represents a significant drop in refugee resettlement when compared to the numbers in some of the most recent years under the Obama Administration. The top countries of origin for refugees in 2018 were the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Ukraine, Bhutan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Pakistan, and Russia.

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