U.S. Government Deems Vaccination Sites “Sensitive Locations”; No Routine Immigration Enforcement

According to a report from NBC Los Angeles, the federal government has clarified that it will classify vaccination sites as ‘sensitive locations’ for the purposes of immigration law. In effect, this means that the government will not be conducting immigration raids or making immigration arrests at these sites but for the “most extraordinary of circumstances.”... READ MORE

Politico Report: Biden Administration Will Replace Top Immigration Court Official (A Trump Ally)

According to reporting from Politico, the Biden Administration is taking immediate action on our immigration courts. President Biden will replace James McHenry, a close ally of the Trump Administration, as the Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review. It is an important change and a strong signal that the Biden Administration is taking the... READ MORE

Venezuelan-American Community Leaders Urge President Biden to Keep Promise on Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

According to reporting from the Caracas Chronicles, Venezuelan-American community leaders are urging President Biden to keep his campaign promise and deliver on the issue of Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Notably, as a candidate, President Biden made a specific pledge to extend legal protections to Venezuelans. In this article, our Los Angeles immigration lawyer explains the... READ MORE

Here’s the replay to the latest Q&A.

Hey! It’s Josh here again. Another day, another immigration Q&A… With a political & immigration climate as volatile as the recent one… That’ll be my motto for the foreseeable future! Why? Because staying informed is key to succeed when it comes to an immigration process! In this week’s Q&A, here are just some of the... READ MORE

President Biden Plans to Send Bill to Congress to Give Legal Status to 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants

The Biden Administration is starting to roll out its immigration reform plans—and some of the proposals are more ambitious than were previously expected. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, President Biden is expected to ask Congress to pass a legislation that, among other things, provides legal status to approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants. In... READ MORE

LIVE WITH JOSH – Another Day, Another Q&A…

Hey! It’s Josh here again. My father used to wisely say: “Josh, answers will always become outdated, but questions will stay fresh forever…” I fully believe this to be true! That’s why I’ll always make the time to answer your questions when it comes to immigration. Some of the topics we discussed in this recent... READ MORE