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Finding an Immigration Doctor in Los Angeles

In order to immigrate to the United States, you must complete a medical examination. This is to determine that you are not carrying a contagious disease and that you are healthy enough to secure housing, work, and move forward with the immigration process. Medical examinations for new arrivals to the United States date back to... READ MORE

Top Ten Immigration Tips for Los Angeles Residents

Providing Dedicated Representation to Immigrants in Los Angeles Regardless of the reason or reasons you ventured toward America, nearly all immigrants can agree that adapting to life in America can be challenging. There are new customs and habits to learn – even basic tasks like traveling from one point to another can be confusing and... READ MORE

Veterans Deported Despite Years of Service in Los Angeles

Dedicated Los Angeles Immigration Law Firm Available to Help Immigrants Facing Deportation Those whose family or friends have served as soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines have seen or have heard of the elaborate graduation ceremonies whereat new recruits are welcomed and identified as members of that particular branch. Since the late 2000s, these graduation ceremonies... READ MORE