Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration Rule on Immigration and Public Benefits

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, a federal judge based in Illinois has invalidated a draconian Trump Administration rule that would potentially deny green cards to immigrants who use basic public benefits. The decision at least temporarily blocks the regulation and provides important protections to many vulnerable immigrants. Here, our Los Angeles immigration law attorney... READ MORE

Los Angeles County is Looking for Ways to Help Reunite Migrant Families

According to a report from NBC Los Angeles, Los Angeles County is rolling out additional services for migrant families who were previously separated by the Trump Administration. The announcement follows the extremely distressing news that hundreds of young children still have not been reunited with their families more than two years after former Attorney General... READ MORE

What Trump Winning Could Mean For Your VISA…

If you’re serious about your VISA – Don’t miss this information! Hey! It’s Josh here again.  Every email I send to you is carefully thought & written out so it matters to your immigration situation. But today, more than ever, we need to ask the hard questions… If Trump Wins, What Happens To You Our... READ MORE

Breaking Down A VISA’s Brick Wall – Here’s The Story

The embassy, congressmen, due process… we managed to get their case unstuck! Hey! It’s Josh here again.  When everything & everyone FAILS you to get your VISA unstuck… What are your true options? Doing more of the same, hoping for a result. Contacting local Congress People and hope this time they’ll take a look at... READ MORE

Immigration News: Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Trump Administration’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

According to a report from The New York Times, the Supreme Court of the United States will review the Trump Administration’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy for asylum seekers. Officially called the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), the policy has previously been ruled unlawful by lower courts. In this article, our Los Angeles immigration law attorneys highlight... READ MORE

YOUR VISA HAS BEEN PRINTED – Here’s How We Did It For Joanna

Is your spouse’s immigration situation in DANGER of going to limbo? Hey! It’s Josh here again.  There’s nothing as crushing and as difficult to process as to realize… Nothing is being done to move your spouse’s immigration situation forward by the government. That was the case for Joanna, a dear recent client of mine who... READ MORE

Oh yes, it happened – Marriage VISA Delay WIN

Struggling NOT knowing what you’re doing wrong during your process? Hey! It’s Josh here again.  I’d like to tell you a little story today. A story with a well-deserved happy ending. (A story that could be yours too!) One of my clients applied for his wife’s VISA back in 2018. Everything seemed fine…Until it wasn’t. Usually, the... READ MORE

Los Angeles County Will Pay $14 Million to Immigrants Illegally Detained By the Police

According to a recent report from the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles County has agreed to pay $14 million in compensation to settle a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of immigrants who were unlawfully obtained by the Sheriff’s Department between 2010 and 2014. Here, our Southern California immigration attorney provides an overview of the allegations... READ MORE