Oh yes, it happened – Marriage VISA Delay WIN

Struggling NOT knowing what you’re doing wrong during your process?

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

I’d like to tell you a little story today. A story with a well-deserved happy ending. (A story that could be yours too!) One of my clients applied for his wife’s VISA back in 2018. Everything seemed fine…Until it wasn’t.

Usually, the worst, most difficult & confusing aspect of an immigration process is…

Not Getting Feedback When It Comes To How You’re Handling Your Immigration Process!

“As soon as I saw her face, I knew something wasn’t right…”

“Ok, I did everything correctly, so where do I go from there?”

Usually, the process most people follow when it comes to fixing their immigration status looks something like this.

  • Emailing the Embassy a lot (without response unless automated)

  • Contacting a Senator (not ideal either)

  • Looking for information and opinions on forums to figure out next steps.

Sadly, for the majority of people, unless they have the right legal counsel in their case, administrative processing is sort of “limbo” they never escape.

However, for those few lucky ones who manage to find the RIGHT attorney, things can be different.

When my client chose to hire me, he was already a year and a half into the process.

Of course…He couldn’t believe it’d take us from 6-12 weeks to ACTUALLY get results for him and his wife.

But when WE DID, this is what he had to say:

“It’s like being bullied for a long time, until somebody stood up for you and got you what you deserve…”

It’s a fact:

Fear of retaliation is what keeps people from filing a lawsuit and actually GETTING OUT of the “administrative processing limbo”.

Let me be bolder…

Not filing a lawsuit is wasting your time and the Government’s time in order to get a result!

Fortunately, in this case (as well as in many others) we managed to get him and his wife FINALLY UNSTUCK.

They were suddenly free to live.

They could now breathe.

They could finally plan for their future.

All the best,


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