Mission accomplished – I want to share this with you!

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

“A real-life struggle…” I’m used to describing my client’s struggles this way, as the obstacles & situations they have to overcome are almost always…BEYOND BELIEF!

However…Today I want to share a real-life struggle I faced in 2020.

Why? Well, simply put, I completely FAILED 3 times before FINALLY accomplishing a lifelong goal…being licensed to practice law in California!

(Here’s a picture of my Certifícate. And yes, there’s a huge smile on my face as I’m writing this)

“Well Josh, that’s great, but how come you FAILED this exam 3 times?” I know, an accomplishment like this isn’t generally something worth noting, especially when you’re a younger attorney.

And sure, back then I used to completely CRUSH my exams…(Since this was my only worry in the world) But these days, it’s a completely different story.

Studying and practicing for an exam as hard & comprehensive is not an easy thing to do while running a national immigration law practice…(And changing diapers in the evening!)

Yet, along this difficult & bumpy ride…My wife was there 100% to offer me her full support and encouragement. (Which is why this victory is YOURS too, baby!)

But… What does this have to do with you? Simple:

I got a completely NEW sense of empathy for the struggles you may be going through.

For me, not passing this exam is a blow to my ego (and to an extent, my future professional plans), but for you…

This means NOT being able to live & build the life of your dreams, or NOT seeing your loved ones for a very LONG time!

In other words, this struggle renovated my strength to make your immigration goals happen! Just imagining the feeling you’ll get when you become a U.S. citizen or get your green card approved…

Or the first call you make when your long-delayed visa is finally approved….

That’s exactly the type of elated happiness that I experienced when I learned that I passed the bar exam.

The moral of the story?

Keep at it. A better world, a better life, a life with those we love might not be easy to accomplish. But it’s up to us to turn around these tables.

For you. For us. For those, we value the most.

All the best,