Mexicans are Heading North

A growing trend is emerging: Migrants from Mexico, and other Latin American countries, are skipping the United States and seeking refuge further north, in Canada. Indeed, earlier this year, The New York Times and Reuters both reported on stories of immigrants choosing Canada over the United States. It is not just anecdotes either. In the first two months of this year, Canadian officials have reported that they have detained more Mexicans nationals than they did in the entirety of 2016.  

There can be little doubt that there is a strong correlation between President Donald Trump entering office and increasing immigration to Canada. Many immigrants are now worried that the United States may not be accepting of them. To be clear, this does not mean that most of these immigrants will be crossing through U.S. territory. Instead, the vast majority would be entering Canada by plane or by other means, legally. Here, our immigration attorney in Los Angeless discuss the larger implications of the possible changes in the migration patterns.

President Trump’s Immigration Policies Could Severely Damage the United States

If immigrants, both documented and undocumented, turn away from the United States, in favor of other destinations, the effects on the American society and the economy could be devastating. This is especially true in areas close to the Mexican border. This is because these communities rely on the contributions of immigrants. Still, the entire country would likely suffer the consequences.

Economic Growth Could Slow Down

In February of 2017, less than one month after Donald Trump took office, Janet Yellen, the Chairperson of the Federal Reserve, made the point that restricted immigration would slow economic growth. Ms. Yellen was not merely giving her political opinion; instead, she was referring to the findings in a wide variety of different economic studies. Again and again, it has been determined that robust immigration is necessary to prevent a slowing in the growth the American labor force; and a decreased labor force means less economic growth. The simple fact is that the U.S. has an aging population and a modest birth rate, and immigration supplies the lifeblood for our economic future.

The Tremendous Social Costs of a Harsh Immigration Policy

Of course, economics and finances are not all there is to life. It is also important to recognize the tremendous, and difficult to measure, social costs that would come with more restrictive immigration policies. Many immigrant families, particularly Mexican and other Latin American families near the border, have close relatives that are currently on each side of the American border. Harsh immigration enforcement and increased deportations (the kind favored by President Donald Trump) would break up American families. Broken families cause more than just economic damage. There are serious social costs that hurt our friends, neighbors and our communities as a whole.

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