Lovers – My Gift To You

“Never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you cannot live without.”
– Unknown

Josh Goldstein Anniversary

I certainly did…

I married my best friend, my soul mate, my better half, the future mother of my children, the one I wanted to see smile & laugh for the rest of my life.

I certainly married the one I couldn’t live without.

And the day we married, oh boy…

  • The nerve-wrecking moment before hearing the words “I do” come out of her beautiful lips
  • The lights dancing around us as we danced for the first time as husband and wife
  • The sweet melodies coming from the best 80’s cover band you could ever hope to find
  • The laughter and tears of joy that went down our cheeks from finally having tied the knot until death do us part
  • The realization I’d no longer be able to remember a time where I could be OK without having her in my life

All of these memories are still fresh in my mind like if I had married just last week.

But in this time of the year, it’s my professional (and moral) duty to remind myself of this:

I had the opportunity to choose who & when I wanted to marry, and I even got to choose where I wanted to live with that person afterwards.

For many people in love, that’s sadly a PRIVILEGE instead of their RIGHT!

They get denied the opportunity to make beautiful, lasting memories with the person they love the most because of factors such as:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Country of Origin
  • Political Climate

I’m certainly no superhero, nor will I change the world like I’d like to…

But through my work, I’ve realized I can contribute and help people make a difference in their lives when it comes to living with their significant other.

And this is what drives me:

I want YOU and your SO to experience
the same joy I’ve been fortunate
enough to share with my wife.
That’s why as an immigration lawyer, my work is dedicated to help couples struggling with:

  • Frustration because of their SO’s immigration status
  • Denied by Embassies & Consulates on their immigration process
  • Living in the dark by not getting a response from the US Government on their immigration request
  • Being delayed time & time again, constantly on the brink of separation because of this tough situation.

Yes, me and my team might not be a team of superheroes…

But challenging these obstacles & helping couples expedite their SO’s immigration process SUCCESSFULLY is something we do:




And I’m proud to say:

All the long hours, mornings of excess caffeine and those terrible cramps (from sitting all day long) are rewarded once I see my clients’ eyes tear up and their smile come alive when they’re told:

Her/His SO’s immigration Request
has been approved!
I sometimes catch myself in the middle of the night thinking:

  • What would my days be without this wonderful woman by my side?
  • Without my lovely kids?
  • Without the memories I now proudly call my life?

And I realize:

I want everyone to have a shot with their SO and wonder about the same thing one day.

Yes, every love story worth telling has a struggle…

So let us help you write the happy ending it deserves!