LIVE WITH JOSH – My latest Immigration Q&A coming your way!

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

If there’s one thing this pandemic hasn’t taken away from us…

It’s the capacity to ask, talk & share with others when it comes to our questions…

Even if it’s done in a virtual way!

That’s why for as long as I can…

I’ll always make the time to answer your burning questions when it comes to your immigration process!

Some of the topics we discussed in this Q&A:

What to do if you’re applying for a VISA interview for a sibling of yours?
Should you take actions to expedite your process or wait for President Biden to take office?
What to do if you don’t have a shared bank account with your spouse when filing for a CR-1 VISA?

Here’s the replay of this recent Q&A session:

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All the best,


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