KQED-FM Report: Many California Immigrants Hopeful Biden Administration Will End Travel Bans

On November 16th, 2020, KQED-FM published an important story on the “huge relief” that many immigrants across California are feeling in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Particularly in California’s large Iranian-American community, there is hope that the incoming Biden Administration will relax or eliminate President Trump’s travel bans.

The harsh travel bans have made it very difficult for people with connections to Iran and several other countries, including Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. Here, our Los Angeles immigration attorney discusses the adverse impact that travel bans have had on immigrant families and we explain why there is renewed hope for change.

Travel Ban Imposes an Enormous Burden on Immigrant Families

By far Iranian-Americans are the group most that has been directly affected by President Trump’s travel bans. Notably, California has the single largest Iranian-American community in the entire country. Census data estimates that more than 200,000 Iranian-Americans live in the state. The harsh ban on travel between the United States and Iran has made it extremely difficult for U.S. citizens, green card holders, and foreign nationals to go between the two countries.

In effect, many of California’s Iranian-American families have been kept apart from their closest loved ones due to the U.S. immigration policy. KQED-FM quotes Armin Deroee, an Iranian-American anesthesiologist whose father’s immigration status has been held up several years as a result of President Trump’s travel restrictions, “It’s been a burden, a huge burden on our shoulders, on our minds.” Unfortunately, his family is certainly not alone.

President-Elect Biden Could Use Executive Authority to End Travel Bans

For the most part, President Trump altered federal immigration policy using executive orders and administrative regulations. As little legislation was actually passed, a new president will have wide authority to roll back the changes made under the Trump Administration. Indeed, many observers expect rapid shifts in immigration policy under the Biden Administration. The travel bans were put into place using executive orders and they can also be removed via executive order.

In other words, President-Elect Joe Biden could quickly eliminate or relax travel restrictions upon assuming the nation’s highest office. While it remains to be seen what the new administration will do in January of 2021, candidate Biden consistently pledged to end the travel bans as part of his immigration agenda. As a representative for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee told reporters, President Biden can demonstrate that he takes immigration seriously by immediately revoking all travel bans based solely on national origin.

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