Is Biden Winning The 2020 Election GOOD For Your VISA Chances?

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

In my last email, we discussed what would happen for immigration if President Trump were to be re-elected for a 2nd term. I highly recommend you go back and read it in case you missed it!

On this email, I want to touch upon the OPPOSITE side of the coin…

What Does It Mean for Immigration If Biden Gets Elected President?

Trump & Biden are complete polar opposites when it comes to almost everything.

(And yes, that includes immigration)

Here’s what Joe Biden has said on this matter: On His First Day In Office, He’ll Send Congress A Bill To Provide Comprehensive Immigration Reform To Modernize The Immigration System…

Giving 11 MILLION Undocumented Immigrants A Road To Citizenship.

This is what’s at stake during this election.

But of course, there’s still so much more to what Biden winning could mean for you and your family.

I’ve recorded a video where I go into detail on this topic for you:

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