IMPOSSIBLE Victory for a Delayed Visa – Here’s How (& Why) It Happened

Discouraged, she was ready to move to Pakistan… until this happened!

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

“All you need is love?”

While I think the Beatles are AMAZING…When it comes to getting a VISA ‘unstuck’ for your significant other, it’s simply not enough.

“I was ready to move back home, this simply wasn’t working for us…”

“It’s been so long, that I didn’t even think this was gonna happen…”

Meet Nazish:

She and her husband had been trying to solve his immigration status for a long time before they contacted me.

  • No luck.

  • No help from the Consulate.

  • All they had left was love between each other at that point.

And there was a choice to be made, of course…

In most cases, people are extremely afraid of starting a lawsuit against the Consulate, afraid “they” would become mad or prejudiced against them.

However, just like Nazish says…

Sitting Around & Waiting Isn’t Going To Get Your Case Out Of “Administrative Processing”.

In fact…

When I asked Nazish what she thinks would’ve happened if we hadn’t helped her file a lawsuit, here’s what she says:

“I know it would’ve NEVER gotten anywhere…”

Sadly, for many couples, the amount of misinformation & fear they get when it comes to their case is still the #1 reason their immigration status never gets resolved.

But it’s my job to help people stay positive during this process.

In fact, (like many of my previous clients) from the moment I met Nazo…

I KNEW She Had A Great Chance Of Getting Approved – If We Did Things The RIGHT Way!

All the best,


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