Immigration Law: A Guide to Spousal Visa Interviews

Each year, thousands of people become lawful permanent residents—and, eventually, U.S. citizens—through a spousal visa. A report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that the federal government issued approximately 2.3 million marriage-based green cards during a ten-year period.

Although marriage is a common path to a green card, that does not mean it is without its complications or challenges. For most people, the spousal visa interview is the most stressful part of the process. At Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, we want everyone to have the information that they need to protect their rights. Here are some key things to know about spousal visa interviews.

Spousal Visa Interviews: An Overview

What is a Spousal Visa Interview?

The spousal visa interview (marriage visa interview) is one of the last big steps that you must complete before a green card is issued. If you and your partner are located in the United States, then the interview process will likely be handled by USCIS. If you and your partner are located abroad, then the interview process will likely be handled by the Department of State. The primary purpose of the interview is relatively straightforward: The immigration official is responsible for assessing the authenticity of the marriage.

What Type of Questions are Asked During a Spousal Visa Interview?

At a spousal visa interview, you and your partner may be asked a wide range of different questions. Generally speaking, these questions fit into one of three broad categories:

  • The history of your relationship;
  • Your current day-to-day activities (individually and as a couple); and
  • Your future plans to build a life together.

The specific questions vary. Some of them are general and vague. Others are quite personal. Check our keys to a successful marriage green card interview to learn more about the questions.

How Do You Effectively Prepare for a Spousal Visa Interview?

You can go a long way towards reducing the stress associated with a spousal visa interview by taking some time to prepare for the process. Here are three tips to help you get ready for a marriage green card interview in Southern California:

  • Refresh Your Memories: Have a conversation with your partner about your relationship—thinking about the past, present, and future.
  • Organize Documentation: Make sure you have copies of all of the specific documents you submitted to the U.S. government, including marriage certificates, tax records, and more
  • Get Professional Help: You do not have to go through the process alone. A Los Angeles immigration lawyer with experience in spousal visa interviews can help.

Call Our Immigration Lawyer for a Confidential Consultation

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