ICE Inspector Finds “Egregious” Violations at Several Immigration Detention Facilities

According to reporting from PBS Newshour, an internal watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) found very serious legal violations at several immigration detention facilities across the country — including at the Adelanto Detention Facility in San Bernardino County, California. In far too many cases, the health and safety of detainees are being put at serious risk. In this article, our dedicated immigration attorney highlights the key findings for the DHS report. You can also read the full report, which has been obtained and published by CNN.

A Noose Was Found in a Detainee Cell in California

One of the most alarming findings in the report is that multiple nooses were found hanging in detainee cells in the facility in Adelanto, CA and in the facility at Essex, NJ. This is completely unacceptable. It is a risk that should never be allowed to happen. In the report, the watchdog described this violation as an “egregious safety threat”. It raises real questions over the level of oversight.

Serious Food Safety Problems Were Discovered

Across several ICE immigration detention facilities, major food safety problems were uncovered. As an example of how bad things are at some ICE detention centers, investigators found open packages of raw chicken, foul-smelling meat, and moldy bread —  all left out in the kitchen of one facility. Beyond the obvious moral failure, these food safety violations are incredibly dangerous.

Bathrooms, Showers in Exceptionally Poor Condition

The showers, toilets, and bathrooms were also in poor condition, even unusable, at several of the ICE detention facilities that were reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security. Among other things, the inspectors found major leaks, large mold problems, lack of working toilets, and no access to basic hygiene products. Every detainee deserves adequate facilities. The failure to provide them is a serious human rights violation.

Detainees Consistently Lacked Access to Adequate Medical Care

Finally, one of the most serious problems — and a problem we have discussed many times before — is the lack of adequate medical care being offered to immigrants in American detention centers. Over and over again, immigrants are being denied basic medical services. Tragically, far too many immigrants have died in ICE custody. This has been a serious problem for years; and far too little has been done about it. Under the Trump Administration, the conditions at immigration detention centers are only getting worse. Since December of 2018, at least five different migrant children have died while in immigration custody. Many thousands more have been exposed to unsafe, unjust conditions.

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