I want to be YOUR Lawyer… (wait for it)… for FREE!

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and with it…

Love, marriage, friendship & commitment!

I’m a HUGE fan of promoting these feelings & values during this very special time, especially during this challenging pandemic.

Which is why…

I have prepared something very special for those going through the K-1 Fiancé

VISA process:

Believe me…

It’s especially during these times that my heart goes out to couples who are currently separated from that special someone due to immigration restrictions.

For those couples who are currently facing:

Non-responsive Embassies/Consulates…
And generally STUCK for a long time…

I want to help ONE special couple with my

Legal Services 100% For FREE!

Want to be this LUCKY couple?

I’ve recorded a video where I explain how to apply for this OPPORTUNITY:

Click Here To Watch It!

All the best,


Josh Goldstein
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