HOW he got His Wife’s Delayed VISA APPROVED!

HER Visa was stuck at the Consulate for more than 4 years!

Hey! It’s Josh here.

I’ll be honest… Writing this email has been one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a while. And the reason is…I simply couldn’t wait to share with you this extraordinary VISA-Delay turned into a Success story!

Meet Tagelsir:

An ex-military contractor who had to live through a challenging VISA delay for his wife during the past 4 years.

“My initial reaction… I was frustrated, I was angry, I was mad…”

“There was NO JUSTIFICATION on why she was denied…”

Living through a situation like this is sadly a reality for couples dealing with an immigration issue.

What’s worse: In most cases the Consulate, the National Visa Center or even the State Department are not on your side when it comes to getting this matter fixed. (Or even properly explained, like in Tagelsir’s case)

In Fact, A VISA Delay Can Put Such A Strain In A Relationship, That Divorce Is Usually The Tragic Outcome For Couples Living Through This

When I met Tagelsir, he was already at his wit’s end – he had tried everything (even hiring a couple lawyers prior to meeting me) at that point with no results.

Naturally, when we met, he was frustrated & skeptical. To make matters more pressing, he became a father during this process…

“I wasn’t going to leave my baby behind…”

That’s when Tagelsir chose he wasn’t going to lose 6 more months waiting for his previous lawyers, the Government or luck to solve this issue for him.

“Divorce… that’d be my life had I not contacted you, Josh…”

I made it my mission to help him get this solved in a matter of WEEKS.And fortunately, today I can say …It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of Tagelsir’s family happiness.

All the best,


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Those who want & NEED to keep their family together…

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