Four Myths About Asylum Seekers

People who are being persecuted around the world have a legal right to apply for asylum in the United States. As the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) explains, a person may apply for asylum in the United States regardless of their original country and regardless of their current immigration status. In other words: Asylum is legal immigration.

Unfortunately, anti-immigration politicians consistently mislead the public on what asylum is and how it works. Sadly, the Trump Administration has even started to change U.S. policy in an effort to make it more difficult for domestic violence victims to get asylum. At this time, it is crucial that the myths regarding asylum seekers are debunked. In this article, our compassionate asylum lawyer provides the facts on four common issues that people frequently get wrong about asylum.

Debunking Four Common Myths About Asylum

Myth #1: Asylum Seekers are Breaking the Law

False. Many people incorrectly believe that asylum seekers are breaking the law. This is a pervasive myth that is often repeated by anti-immigration politicians and commentators, including the current President of the United States. Asylum is legal immigration. This is not in dispute. In fact, the United States instructs asylum seekers to come to points of entry. If a person has an asylum claim, they can ask for asylum at an official U.S. border crossing.

Myth #2: It is Easy to get Asylum in the United States

False. Anyone who has experience with the American asylum system knows that it is both complicated and difficult to navigate. Simply put, it is not easy to get asylum in the United States. People who are seeking asylum go through an intensive vetting process that is conducted by several U.S. federal agencies.

Myth #3: There are Many Loopholes in the Asylum System

False. Some anti-immigration officials have falsely portrayed the asylum process as being full of loopholes. This is simply not true. Asylum seekers will undergo a credible fear screening. If anything, this process is currently far too strict. The U.S. deports many thousands of asylum seekers into dangerous environments every year.

Myth #4: Asylum Seekers Must Be Detained or They Will Miss Their Hearing

False. The Trump Administration has attempted to justify family separation and indefinite detention on the grounds that asylum seekers will not attend their immigration hearings. This is highly misleading. The majority of asylum seekers who have been released attend every hearing. Further, when asylum seekers have the assistance of an immigration attorney who can help them understand the process, nearly 100 percent of them attend their court hearings.

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