California Attorney General Promises to Fight Trump Administration’s New “Public Charge” Rule

According to reporting from The Hill, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is vowing to fight back against the Trump Administration’s new “public charge” rules. In a press release, Attorney General Becerra states that Trump Administration’s proposal is a “vile attack on lower income communities of color” and that the rule will “have devastating impacts on California’s economy.”

The Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule Change: Explained

Last year the Trump Administration announced its intention to punish immigrants for using social services. On August 12th, 2019, the administration officially rolled out the key details of the rule change. In an 800 page document, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detailed the administration’s intentions to radically expand the definition of the term “public charge” for the purposes of immigration law. 

The U.S. government has long had rules in place that limit admissibility for immigrants deemed likely to be a “public charge”. In essence, this standard allows the government to deny permanent residency or citizenship to an immigrant if they are determined to be likely to rely on the federal government for direct financial support. However, what the Trump Administration is doing is far, far different. The administration is expanding the definition of the meaning of the term “public charge” to include virtually all public services for lower income people, including food assistance and medical care. 

The Trump Administration Wants to Deny Rights and Options to Lower Income Migrants

Not only is this rule change — which California Attorney General Becerra correctly notes is a direct attack on low income communities of color — designed to make it more difficult for many immigrants to come to the United States, but it will also force many people who are here to forego their right to access the most basic of social services. At a time when California is expanding services for immigrants, the Trump Administration is becoming increasingly cruel and aggressive in its attack on immigrant rights.  

California Counties Have Already Filed a Lawsuit

Currently, the new public charge regulations are set to go into effect in October. However, legal challenges are coming. The fight to stop this policy is not over. Indeed, some of the leading experts on administrative law and executive powers have already come out and stated that the Trump Administration’s actions violate federal law. 

This case will be going to court — two counties in California are already filing lawsuits. Representatives for Santa Clara County and San Francisco County are seeking a temporary injunction in the Northern District of California. It is likely that other cities and counties in California and around the country will take legal action.   

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