AP Report: Large, Quick Shift on Immigration Policy Expected Under Incoming Biden Administration

On November 10th, 2020, the Associated Press (AP) published a report noting that significant, swift changes are expected on federal immigration policy in the initial days of the Biden Administration. As President-Elect, Joe Biden is informing allies that he plans to use executive authority to roll back many of President Trump’s most controversial immigration orders. Below, our immigration law team highlights some of the key details from the AP report.

President-Elect Biden Plans to Reinstate DACA

Perhaps the most immediate and dramatic shift in immigration policy, the incoming Biden Administration plans to reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As President Trump took action to end protections, this is very good news for DREAMers and their families. Hundreds of thousands of people could be affected by reinstatement of DACA. If you have any specific questions about your rights or your options, an experienced DACA attorney can help.

Trump Administration Asylum Policies May Be Terminated

Over the last four years, the Trump Administration has made things very difficult for vulnerable people who are seeking asylum in the United States. Among other things, President Trump pushed a ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy that was a huge barrier to many desperate migrant families—particularly those originating from Central America.

The AP reports that President-Elect Biden plans to terminate the policies that have been the most “detrimental” to refugees and asylum seekers. Additionally, the administration is likely to change policy on refugees in the fall of 2021, expanding the number of vulnerable people allowed into the United States through the refugee resettlement program.

Some Policies are Expected to Take More Time to Unwind

In its report, the AP cites several immigration advocates who warn that it could take some time before the new administration is able to unwind all of the anti-immigration policies that President Trump put into place during his four years in office. Our country’s immigration issues are highly complex.

For instance, the Associated Press cites the Trump Administration’s so-called ‘Public Charge’ rule as a policy that could take awhile to unwind for a number of different procedural reasons. The regulation is currently subject to litigation.

While new leadership offers the promise that pro-immigrant changes are coming in Washington DC, there still is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to fix our immigration system. Accountability matters and our leaders need to be held accountable for standing behind their promises.

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