Administrative Processing Solutions In Action We’re Suing The Consular In Casablanca

Administrative Processing Solutions in Action

I’ve got some great news for you. We filed a lawsuit against immigration agencies, USCIS, the Department of Homeland Security, consulates, embassies and quite a few more. The reason we’re suing them is that they took someone who deserves a green card and put them on hold. They claimed that the case was under administrative processing.

So, we filed a lawsuit. The court issued a summons to me and now we’re suing. We’re notifying each of the defendants that they are being sued.


The list of the defendants

One lawsuit is going to Kenneth Cuccinelli, the acting director of USCIS. He’s the acting director because it would be impossible for him to be confirmed by the Senate. That’s because he’s so unpopular.

Next, there is William Bar, Attorney General. He’s also being sued because he is involved in this and responsible for immigration cases. If you want to put my guy in administrative processing, we’re going to sue you.

We’re also suing Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, because he’s responsible for the issuance of visas. And he’s not issuing the visas if he’s claiming that people are in administrative processing. So we’re going to sue him too.

Next, we have the consular chief who’s the head of the embassy. We sue him because he’s directly responsible for evaluating immigrant visa cases. And he’s not evaluating the immigration visas if he’s claiming that people are in administrative processing. We also added the council general at that embassy, just for good measure.

There’s yet another officer at the consulate who’s going to get sued. And I added a legal advisor from the State Department.

We also added the head of the FBI to our lawsuit. Why did we add the FBI? It’s about immigration. Well, sometimes they say that administrative processing is all about a background checks, and we want to make sure that the FBI runs background checks. We want to make sure that they’re involved if they claim it’s a background check issue.

We’ve added the local attorney general U.S. Attorney’s Office for the place where my client lives. And finally, we’ve included the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan. He’s the acting secretary because, once again, he couldn’t get confirmed by the senate. We’re going to be seeing him in court as well.

There you go. One lawsuit has been filed. Plus we have another one in the pipeline and we’re going to file that one too.

Josh Goldstein
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