2017 Scholarship Winner Announced

For the third year, the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers has offered a scholarship to help one deserving full-time college student in the U.S. We’d like to congratulate Jose G. of Bay Point, California, as this year’s winner of the 2017 Immigration Law Scholarship by the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers!

Jose is a Computer Science major at Los Medanos Community College in Pittsburg, California who hopes to one day be the CEO and founder of an innovative company. As a child immigrant, Jose grew up witnessing first hand the struggles that many immigrant families face. Now, as a first generation college student, he hopes to put his education to good use helping immigrant families as an engaged community leader. Jose believes that companies can play an important role in supporting communities and hopes to invest in education and immigrant communities as a company leader some day. We hope that our scholarship helps him reach his goals.

We asked Scholarship Applicants to submit a creative essay, responding to this prompt:  imagine that a fairy has magically turned you into Donald Trump. You, as Trump, are now tasked with writing Immigration Reform legislation. Here is what our winner, Jose, came up with:

Winning Essay

Jose G.

NOOOOOO!! I couldn’t believe it. Was this a dream, I thought to myself. How could I have lost my luscious hair, for this. This, orange troll hair. I was devastated. I continued my walk through the woods contemplating on what I would do with my hair. After 45 minutes of feeling sorrowful, I finally concluded that despite my new troll hair, I now had power. The witch may have tried to hurt me, but instead, she granted me something much greater. The power to pass a new immigration legislation. I could help everyone that was currently going through the same situation I was. The real me. The kid who prayed every morning that my parents or I wouldn’t be stopped by ICE. I knew what I had to do. I had to help my fellow immigrants. I conveniently found a piece of paper and pen right outside of the woods. I titled the page “Make America Great Again.” I proceed to write the following.

Any undocumented student that currently resides in the United States will have the eligibility to be granted citizenship. The student must have resided in the United States before the age of sixteen and must be currently on track to graduate high school. Students will also have to demonstrate that they have not violated any Federal laws during their time in the United States. In addition, the student must continue their education by enrolling at an accredited four-year university or community college. The student will also have to pay a fine of $1,000. If the student demonstrates that they are unable to pay the fee, he/she will be granted parole. During parole, the student will have to present a talent trick (i.e. sing, dance) to a nearby Army base. If ninety percent of the soldiers are amused by the student’s talent trick, their fine will be neglected. If they fail, the student will have to complete 40 hours of community service.

Any undocumented individual that did not reside in the United States by the age of sixteen or cannot demonstrate that they have been a non-stop full-time student (not including summers) since their arrival, will have to meet the following requirements. The individual will have to pass a background check demonstrating that he/she has not violated any Federal laws. They will need to demonstrate that they have filed their taxes every year they worked since they resided in the United States, and they will have to demonstrate that they’ve been working at-least part time after their first year in the United States. In addition, the individual will pay a $5,000 fee that can be paid all at once, or can be paid monthly.

Congratulations Jose!

We appreciate what you’ve been through and are impressed with your accomplishments. We wish you great success in college and beyond.

We received so many deserving scholarship applications! We wish we could have given out scholarships to so many others. We’d like to personally thank everyone who applied who took the time to submit an application!

Josh Goldstein
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