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LIVE WITH JOSH – H-4 EAD / Work permits!!!

Hey! It’s Josh here again. Amazing is how I’d describe what’s currently happening for immigration in the US. And I mean it… Amazing news about Joe Biden, amazing news about immigration… That’s what the latest Live With Josh was all about: Some of the questions answered in this livestream: What to do if a CR1... READ MORE

I want to be YOUR Lawyer… (wait for it)… for FREE!

Hey! It’s Josh here again. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and with it… Love, marriage, friendship & commitment! I’m a HUGE fan of promoting these feelings & values during this very special time, especially during this challenging pandemic. Which is why… I have prepared something very special for those going through the K-1 Fiancé VISA... READ MORE

President Biden Signs New Executive Orders on Immigration

On February 2nd, 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order on Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems and Strengthening Integration and Inclusion Efforts for New Americans. The collection of three executive actions are focused on rolling back Trump Administration regulations and strengthening our country’s immigration policies. It is the latest part of a more... READ MORE

Aisha Khan

My K1 Fiance Visa Success Story – by Aisha Khan After applying for a K1 Fiance Visa back in 2018, everything seemed to go semi smooth up until it reached the embassy. My fiance was given an interview in August of 2019 that was later rescheduled to September due to not having his medical. His... READ MORE

U.S. Government Deems Vaccination Sites “Sensitive Locations”; No Routine Immigration Enforcement

According to a report from NBC Los Angeles, the federal government has clarified that it will classify vaccination sites as ‘sensitive locations’ for the purposes of immigration law. In effect, this means that the government will not be conducting immigration raids or making immigration arrests at these sites but for the “most extraordinary of circumstances.”... READ MORE

Politico Report: Biden Administration Will Replace Top Immigration Court Official (A Trump Ally)

According to reporting from Politico, the Biden Administration is taking immediate action on our immigration courts. President Biden will replace James McHenry, a close ally of the Trump Administration, as the Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review. It is an important change and a strong signal that the Biden Administration is taking the... READ MORE

Venezuelan-American Community Leaders Urge President Biden to Keep Promise on Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

According to reporting from the Caracas Chronicles, Venezuelan-American community leaders are urging President Biden to keep his campaign promise and deliver on the issue of Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Notably, as a candidate, President Biden made a specific pledge to extend legal protections to Venezuelans. In this article, our Los Angeles immigration lawyer explains the... READ MORE